On The Path: Is Your Ladder Up Against the Right Wall?
Do you know what you want to do when you grow up? Is your work sucking the life out of you? Do you know what your life’s work is? Would you like to? Some tools and techniques are introduced that will help you to begin this very important sojourn.

I Love You…Now Change

Do you find the “Dance of Relationship” confusing, intimidating and even infuriating? It can help a lot if you understand some of the basic steps and the dynamics that underlie the “Dance”.

The Winning Dimension

Do you feel stuck in a negative loop? Does it seem like the cup is too often really half empty. This presentation will help you to understand that “winning” is really about choice and discipline and explain how to develop “The Winning Dimension”.

The Ultimate Obsession: Balance

Do you really spend enough time on the most important things in your life? Although achieving balance is something to do with changing our attitudes and behaviors, it is mostly about a shift in our perspective.

Presenting Your Best Self

Are you putting your best self forward? Or are you sending out signals that make you seem second best? Here is a guide to presenting yourself in a way that significantly improves the likelihood that your message will be understood precisely as you intended, whether in the form of a presentation or everyday communicating and relating.

Mars, Venus and You

Do Martians or Venusians drive you crazy? Would you like to understand the opposite sex, at least a little? It can help if you look through the looking glass from the other side and learn a foreign language.

The Art of Self-Confidence

Confidence is largely to do with beliefs we hold about and agreements we make with ourselves. So the trick to becoming self-confident is recognizing that it is an inside job.

The Human Doing who became the Human Being

It is so easy these days to get caught up in the rat race and forget to take care of the most important person on the planet: you! Here’s how to correct that with some behavior changes, but most important of all some attitude adjustment.

Dealing with the Itty-Bitty-Shitty-Committee

Are the voices in your head ruining your life? Are you very self-critical? Do you beat yourself up at the slightest mistake? Here’s how to live life more effectively and with more joy by silencing this unwelcome committee.

Are You Living to Eat or Eating to Live?

Do you feel trapped in a cycle of eating too much of the wrong stuff? The dynamics of our relationships to food are explored and tools for healthy navigation of this tricky problem are discussed.

A Path to Happiness

Do you know that although measurements of people’s income and material possessions have increased over the last twenty years, the measurements of happiness show that we’re less happy now than in the 1950s? Happiness is not achieved in the way most people think. Here’s a guide to authentic happiness.

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