Kacey Troyer – Managing Director, Troyer Advisors, LLC
“Martin is a master at helping others soar. I believe that he is so effective because he himself is soaring. Martin has incredible emotional intelligence, intuition, knowledge and the ability to ask the right questions. He can empower a person to be open to learn and grow. He has helped me in so many ways and I am grateful! Martin is also a natural and charismatic speaker as he communicates from his heart with his whole being. I would recommend him for personal and professional coaching and speaking with your business team any day!”

“Martin has wonderfully fresh approaches to empowering the person or a team to:
•    have clarity around why they are here, their destination and the means to get there
•    to uncover obstacles, imbalances and distractions and
•    to create sustainable frameworks for maximizing growth.
He has helped me with personal and professional breakthroughs for which I am deeply grateful. Martin is a wonderful person and an incredible facilitator, catalyst, growth advisor, innovator and speaker.”

“Martin Smith is highly effective in getting to the heart of an issue in a short period of time. He helped me see how I tend to sabotage myself in very subtle ways. More importantly, he helped me find ways to stop the negative habits and learn new, more productive ones.”

“He is a master at asking the right questions”

“I always feel inspired by my interactions with him”

“I book a session with him whenever I need some motivation”

“Martin acts as a catalyst for constructive change in my life”

“His ability to understand my problems and appreciate my perspective is amazing”

“He is always very encouraging and empathetic”

“He teaches me tools and techniques that just make my life and work so much easier”

“Because of my work with Martin I feel better equipped to handle whatever shows up”

“He is a positive force in my life especially during difficult times”

“Spending time with him is just life changing”

“He is both supportive and helpful in assisting me to resolve issues and problems”

“With his assistance I am frequently overcoming obstacles by realizing they are inside of me rather than outside of me”

“His coaching helps me to understand the big picture as well as the next right step to take”

“Working with Martin is simply transformative”

“His intelligent but practical approach is continually opening my mind to different perspectives”