GOALS – Achievement or Results type goals are important – but they are not the only kind.  Experience and learning goals are important too.


DOING IT DOES IT – Having a vision is good and planning and thinking things through are also important, but the only way to get things done is to take action.


PROCRASTINATION – It is frequently assumed that laziness is the root of procrastination, but often it is a more subtle phenomenon – called “hidden perfectionism” which leads to the paralysis of procrastination.


R.A.S. – The Reticular Activating System is a “finger-like” part of your brain that can be used to your advantage in creating more of what you want.


STYLES OF LIVING – Is your Style of Living working for you? If it is not you can choose a better way of relating to the world.  Other, more empowering, more successful styles are outlined here.


THE INTERNAL THERMOSTAT – We each have an “internal thermostat” that determines the level we perform at in the arena of life.  Regulate your self-talk and set your performance level to “win”.