ON THE PATH – Is Your Ladder Up Against The Right Wall?

Many young people come to us feeling unmotivated; usually because they do not have an authentic direction and self-determined goals.
Countless older people “come in the locker room at half time” and say to themselves: “What am I doing with my life – I graduated college with wonderful dreams and big ideas, where did they go?

What we do is guide and support people through a process of:

•    Clarifying purpose and goals
•    Breaking through mental and emotional blocks
•    Designing and realizing a course of action

•    Successful, as well as, academically challenged high school students who are trying to find their passion and take their next steps
•    College students who are not sure about their direction
•    Young adults out of college feeling stuck and unsure about career
•    Adults who are unsure they are on their authentic path